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Markus Reinsch tutorial 

Markus Reinsch created a very good tutorial about the DSSSL language. A java applet provides visual animations giving clues to what is happening at each stage of an SGML or XML document transformation. To prevent the applet from being downloaded for each tutorial step we recommend downloading the complete tutorial which includes all HTML pages and associated Java applets

Visual Introduction to DSSSL


Style Construction Rules,
by Didier PH Martin

A DSSSL style specification is mostly composed of construction rules. But what is a construction rule?

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DSSSL formatting objects mapping to HTML+CSS. The html output format mode,
by Didier PH Martin

DSSSL can be used to transform SGML or XML documents into HTML+CSS. When used with the -t html option, Jade creates a HTML and a CSS document. The Talva SGML/XML Kit for IE uses the style sheet processing instruction to set this rendition mode and display the resulting document in the browser.

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Simple XML to HTML Conversion and Rendition Example,
by Didier PH Martin

Tony Graham from Mulberry Technologies created a DSSSL library which provides a collection of HTML objects. Tony showed that DSSSL is extensible and that it is not solely limited to DSSSL formatting objects.

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The paragraph Flow Object,
by Didier PH Martin

The paragraph object is fundamental to a lot of DSSSL script projects. Learn what is produced by OpenJade with a sample of each generated format (MIF, Tex, HTML+CSS, RTF). 

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The Display-group Flow Object,
by Didier PH Martin

The display-group flow object is a visual container. This is a useful object used to create new visual constructs by assembling other flow objects into a single visual entity. The display-group object is also a flow object aggregator.

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The  OASIS DSSSL reference page

This document is a rich set of links to DSSSL resources. It is maintained by Robin Cover from Oasis. A must to see.

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Teach Yourself Scheme in Fixnum Days

DSSSL is based on the Scheme language. This site is an introduction to the Scheme programming language. It is intended as a quick-start guide, something a novice can use to get a non-trivial working knowledge of the language, before moving on to more comprehensive and in-depth texts.

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The Scheme Programming language, by Ken Dickey

This series of articles describes the world view of the Scheme Programming Language. This view contains many elements desired in a modern programming language: multi-paradigm support, composable, reusable abstractions, ability to create languages specialized for particular applications, clean separation of the generic and the implementation specific, and scalability from stand alone utilities to major software systems.

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The Grove Concept

From  OASIS reference page: Grove,Grove Plans, and Property Sets in SGML/DSSSL/HyTime

Robin Cover assembled a list of useful references on the grove concept.

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Addressing the Enterprise: Why the Web needs Groves, by Paul Prescod.

This paper is a high level introduction to the grove paradigm. Just as SGML was a hidden jewel buried in among the ISO standards for screwdriver heads, groves are another well-kept secret. The time has come to make "groves for the Web". This document should be relevant to the people that would do the specifying and coding to make groves available on the Web, but also to technically-oriented managers that are not interested in the fine details.

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TrainingCrane Softrights DSSSL training courses

Crane Softwrights training courses

Ken Holman is among the best teachers. Crane offers commercial courses and training materials on style sheet programming including languages based on ISO standards such as DSSSL and languages based on W3C standards such as XSLT

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DSSSL Book from Javier Farreres now available at Amazon

The DSSSL Book: An XML/SGML Programming Language provides comprehensive coverage of the language. Its approach is practical with numerous examples and graphics explaining DSSSL concepts. The book covers the structure of a DSSSL document, its programming language, the groves data model, the query language, the transformation language and the style language.
(July 20, 2006)

NextSolution released new products

  • DSSSLPrint
  • DSSSLPublisher
  • DSSSLStylus

See the latest release capabilities at the
 NextSolution's site . (July 20, 2006)

OpenJade version 1.3.2 is available

This version has successfully been compiled on several platforms and processors. Get it at the
 OpenJade dev. site (February 18, 2003)



Jade is a DSSSL engine running in different environments. The actual version is a console application. It support SGML and XML transformation into RTF, MIF, Tex, SGML, XML. 
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OpenJade v 1.3.2 openjade logo 

The openjade source code is now stored on Source Forge.. This is the official DSSSL user group Open source library. 
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NextSolution software suite

NextSolution offers three products to manage XML/SGML document lifecycle from edition to publication..
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DSSSL Library

Procedure library

Mulberry Technologies maintain the DSSSL procedure library. This library is a collection of useful DSSSL procedures that can be freely included in DSSSL script projects.

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DSSSL Cookbook

The DSSSL Cookbook is a series of hints about using DSSSL, including style and techniques for writing DSSSL style sheets as well as the use of specific DSSSL functions and flow object classes.

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Norman Walsh DocBook DSSSL scripts

These are DSSSL stylesheets for the DocBook DTD (they are also completely compatible with the DocBk XML DTD.)

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Crane Softwrights libraries 

These libraries contain several DSSSL scripts such as, for example, an SGML application for frame-based presentation slide-shows with DSSSL scripts for the rendering of the slides to HTML and RTF final forms, an environment supporting the writing and documentation of annotated DSSSL style sheets, colour information, and more. 

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OpenJade internals


OpenJade source code and internal behavior is currently being documented . This is a work in progress. The OpenJade internals documentation project is leaded by Matthias Clasen

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ISO/IEC 10179:1996(E). DSSSL is an ISO standard since 1996. The document requires the adobe PDF reader.

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User group

The DSSSL Users' Mailing List is maintained by Mulberry Technologies, Inc. A lot of treasures are hidden in the archives.

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